System Requirements

The C2Home® Server is capable of running on a number of OS platforms, but will be supported only on Windows (WIN95/98/NT/ME) and MAC OS-X platforms by C2Home and Office Inc.

The C2Home® Server software requires the SUN JAVATM RUNTIME ENVIRONMENT (JRE). *

But don't worry, Sun's JRE Version 1.3.0 for Windows 95 / 98 / NT/ ME (Intel Platform) is included with your purchase of the C2Home System and is provided within the deployment package.

  • MAC OS-X comes with Java 2 (JRE Version 1.3.1). So if you have MAC OS-X all you need to do is load the C2Home® Server! To use Mac OS X, you will need an iMac, iBook, Power Mac G3, Power Mac G4, Power Mac G4 Cube, PowerBook G3, or PowerBook G4 computer with at least 128MB of physical RAM. (OS-X is great and has a promising future. We really like it!). Note: Mac OS-X direct video capture is not currently well supported. Manufacurers such as Eskape labs are still working to adapt to OS-X
  • Windows HW Requirements for JAVA:

Java runs relatively well without excessive memory, typically taking up about 6-7Meg of harddisk capacity.

IBM Compatible PC: Minimum 8MB RAM, Recommend 16MB RAM.

Rule of Thumb: Buy a machine that runs the native OS at a speed that is acceptable and Java will run fine.

  • C2Home Server Hardware Requirements

The C2Home Server software full deployment occupies approximately 18MB of Harddisk space.

Users wishing to experiment on non-Windows or non Mac OSs should find public domain support for Java on

* The JavaTM 2 Runtime Environment (JRE) is the minimum standard Java computing environment for running applications written in the Java programming language. It contains the Java virtual machine, Java core classes, and supporting files.

For SUN/Solaris Hardware platforms:


For information about the production versions for the Solaris operating system, see the Solaris Software web site.