C2 Home Server Screen Shots (Click on the image to enlarge)
  • Command Console - This screen provides a concise view of current status, allowing direct control of most peripherals with the click of a button. This is also the primary screen for accessing all secondary screens on the C2Home Server. Secondary screens include:
      • Log of all events
      • Video screen
      • Property Layout tools
      • All setup and configuration screens. e.g. timed events, patrol watches
    Locally Captured Video In addition to basic web cam access, the C2Home Server provides the ability to see archived JPEGs remotely, such as snaps grabbed when particular events occur. C2Home provides the ability to use a browser to control the cameras remotely and SSL to ensure privacy. Do you know who’s intercepting your webcam video now? -
    HTML Captured Video The C2Home Server puts a virtually limitless number of external cam servers at your instant access with the click of a button.
    Layout Tool -Create a layout of the control space from scratch, or load GIFs or JPEGs as backgrounds and place device icons to create clickable HTML maps. These layouts are instantly integrated into the C2Home Server and assessable via the Browser View. Corresponding device labels and WML screens are also assigned here by the user. Users can load their own ICON stencils or use those provided
      Server Properties Set the base station configurable parameters, such as options for SSL or reporting frequency
      Video Configuration Setup - Set parameters for direct video capture within the basestation and/or configure the server to present video from external HTML video sources (such as cam servers)
      Remote View (via Internet Explorer, Netscape is similar) -- in addition to e-mailed alarms and status reports, the server can be configured to answer direct dial up connections, respond on a fixed (DSL or Cable) connection, or call out to an ISP. E-mail includes alarm status and information to access remotely. When accessing remotely users can choose to display graphics-rich HTML as shown or pure text based html for more primitive browsers.
    Remote Access via Web enabled Cellphone or web browser in Palm OS. Using standard internet ready Cell phones or other WML devices (eg Palm) Users are able to access the C2Home Server with handheld devices while on the go. These allow not only reports of status, and a view of event logs, but also remote control of X.10 devices. This really comes in handy if you forgot to turn on the sprinkler or the pool before you left home.

    Screen Shot is a Simulation of screens actually accessed via standard WML capable tools

      Patrol Watch and Alarm Events Configuration Programmable Patrol Watch duty personalities allow user defined shifts (night shift, dayshift, etc) to have user defined behavior. Certain event responses may only be desirable while the user is at work, others during the night. Each shift responds only as the user desires. If you pay for webphone email per byte - you don’t want to waste emails sent while you’re at home.